Free-For-Brawl is a 2-4 Player Multiplayer Brawler where Players eliminate one another by throwing softballs and pushing the opposition off of the map.

My Contributions: Everything.

Free-For-Brawl was a solo project that was created over 4-Weeks. Made during my First Year at AIE, it was the first time I had done any coding using C#.

I had set out to create a small prototype for a multiplayer brawler that featured a lot more objects to throw, but given the short time-frame it was scoped down to more closely resemble schoolyard games of Dodgeball instead.

While it is one of the smaller projects I've made, I think it's an important addition to my portfolio as it demonstrates my ability to quickly piece together small prototypes of simple game mechanics, and it is ultimately still good for a bit of fun with some friends when you've got some time to kill.