Level Design Project
(A Recreation of Melbourne's Federation Square for an assessment)

This Level Design project was the first time I had ever created 3D assets using Maya, and the first time I had worked properly out of a Unity Project.

My Contributions: Level Design, Art Assets, Asset Implementation.

For this project, a small group of Designers (3 of us) were tasked with recreating a real-world location in Melbourne for use in a previously-created Unity Project. We were each charged with creating assets, and designing and laying out a level for use in the game.

Our team chose to recreate Federation Square, which was undergoing a lot of construction efforts at the time, so we took some creative liberties with scaffolding to allow the Players to move from rooftop to rooftop.

Most of the furniture around the scene was created by me, as well as the recreation of the SBS Building (the one with all the wild shapes on the side) and a handful of other assets in the scene. It was my first foray into 3D modelling and Unity Development, both of which are now a staple of my workflow.