Super-Cosmic Space Game (or SCSG for short) is a 4-Player Spaceship Crewing Simulator where Players take on one of four unique roles. Each role is responsible for maintaining some aspect of the ship, and the objective is to keep everything running long enough for the ship to reach the goal.

My Contributions: Design and Concept, Programming, Level Design, Asset Implementation.

SCSG was the end result of a 5-Week long production with a team of two fellow Design Students. We were tasked with producing a game based on a briefing from a hypothetical Client. Our briefing was to design and create an Asymmetrical Multiplayer Game, and our take on the genre was to provide each player with a unique role that only they could perform.

In this project, I worked to script and create a majority of the programming assets, while my colleagues worked on the art assets and assisted with some back-end programming systems.

In the game, Players are split between the Pilot, Engineer, Scientist, and Janitor roles. Each of the roles is responsible for a small handful of things on the ship, such as refueling the ship, repairing consoles, clearing trash, and healing crewmates.

We had initially set out to try and capture the same chaotic, fast-paced energy of similar co-op games. Putting Players on a timer and placing them in a rapidly-deteriorating environment created some exciting and funny dynamics. Watching a group playing the game together for the first time and seeing the energy and tension build within the group as they struggled to keep the ship together was one of the most satisfying feelings I've had as a game developer.