VR Spaceflight Prototype

This VR Prototype was developed over 4 weeks and was our first experience developing for VR. You play as a fighter pilot and are tasked with completing a flight course within a time limit.

My Contributions: Design and Concept, GDD, Asset Implementation.

Overall this project ran into a LOT of roadblocks. Our team had only one VR Headset to use between a team of seven. However, the COVID-19 Pandemic had us working from home, meaning that the team didn't have access to the required hardware to properly test the game.

The project took place over 4 weeks of development, with a team of three programmers and two designers. We had two artists join the project in the final two weeks of the project as well to help produce art assets for the game.

I feel that the project was ultimately still well-designed, and it's worth addressing the difficulties we had working from home during the Pandemic.