Yōkai SMASH is an Arcade Brawler set in an Ancient Japanese Mythological realm known as Jigoku. The Player faces endless waves of enemies that increase in number and strength as time goes by, the main objective is to earn the highest score possible.

My Contributions: Concept and Design, GDD, Production Documentation, Level Design, Asset Implementation.

Yōkai SMASH was the final product of my Major Assessment in 2020. We were assigned into teams with other students from the Game Art and Programming courses and tasked with creating a game together as a team from scratch. It was my first time working with people from other disciplines, and was an extremely valuable experience.

The project took place over 9 weeks, 3 of which were dedicated to Pre-Production materials, and 6 weeks of dedicated Development.

The concept for the game initially had a much larger scope, and had to be seriously adjusted and cut-down from it's first form. We had originally planned for the game to have some Roguelike elements which we quickly realized was unrealistic to implement with the time we had.

What we ended with was an Endless Brawler where the ultimate goal was to reach a high-score, with the Player having the choice between one of three weapons that each had different strength balances. Enemies would occasionally drop powerups that increased the damage, attack speed, max health, and lifesteal of the Player. Two different enemy types relentlessly hunt the Player, based on two interpretations of Ancient Japanese Demons, also known as Yōkai.

The final product was something that I was extremely proud of, and I think it serves as an excellent reflection of my first year of study.